Pucker up for Heathrow’s lipstick festival

The Statue of Liperty: As part of its new month-long festival of lipstick Heathrow has today unveiled a two-storey replica of the Statue of Liberty in Terminal 5 made using classic red lipstick - the most popular lipstick shade currently being worn by New Yorkers and Big Apple bound passengers. T

A lot of lipstick is sold at Heathrow Airport shops and that’s reason enough to have a Lipstick Festival and reason enough to commission the creation of the 20-foot-tall “Statue of Liperty” that will be on view at Terminal 5 for the next month. The statue, created by a team of make-up artist and sculptors, sits on a base that resembles a giant lipstick case and is made from classic red lipstick, which is the most popular lipstick shade being worn by New Yorkers and New York-bound passengers, according Heathrow’s airport’s annual report on lipstick shades being worn in cities around the world.


As part of lipstick celebration, the airport also commissioned British micro-artist Hedley Wiggan to create Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and other landmarks from regular-size lipsticks, using what the lipstick report identified as the year’s most popular colors for each city:

· New York – Bright Red shade

· London – Caramel Nude shade

· Paris – Dusky Rose shade

· Shanghai – Sheer Coral shade

· Dubai – Rose Pink shade

If all this talk of lipstick has you wanting a fresh look – or a nice gift for a friend – check out Heathrow’s Facebook page or follow the airport on Twitter (@HeathrowAirport). They’re giving away a lipstick a day for the next two weeks. All entries will also be eligible for a ‘get the look’ beauty pack.