It came in the mail

Sharing today some of the tasty and useful items items that arrive in the mail at

These hand rolled, organic energy bars with sustainable ingredients from Kate’s Real Food were a hit in my house. We ate several (not at once..) before realizing that the calorie-count panel notes each bar is more than one serving. But these taste so good we weren’t likely to eat just half a bar and save some for later.

The team visited Vermont recently and missed the opportunity to buy some real Vermont maple syrup. So we were pleased to find a bottle of organic Runamok Maple Syrup in the mail.

Their list of products includes everything from bourbon barrel and whiskey barrel-aged syrup to syrup infused with intriguing ingredients such as ginger root, Hibiscus flowers and cardamom.

We’re tasting the coffee-infused maple syrup, which is one of those “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” breakfast items.

And these no-show cotton and spandex blend Invisasox, with versions for men and women, arrived just in time for hot weather walking on the holiday weekend.