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More about that basketball court at IND Airport

Earlier this week, the sports department at declared the basketball court at Indianapolis International Airport (IND) the Airport Amenity of the Week.

Even though it was only Monday. And even though the temporary court is a no-real-basketballs-allowed promo for the festivities and special events surrounding the NBA All-Star 2024 game to be held in Indianapolis on February 18.

Here’s more about that court and more information about what IND Airport has in store for travelers now through the NBA All-Star 2024 weekend.

About that court

The basketball court is a decal located pre-security in the airport’s public gathering area, which is called the Civic Plaza. The court is 50 feet wide by 94 feet long and is the same size as a professional basketball court. The basketball goals are courtesy of the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Basketball graphics galore at IND Airport

Graphics celebrating the NBA All-Star 2024 weekend are also in the IND bag claim area and other parts of the airport.

And there’s more to come.

IND officials tell us that a 6-foot-tall ceramic basketball will be rolled into the bag claim area, there will be live music from local musicians, custom artwork by local artists in the airport’s KIND Gallery, and pop-up shops with all manner of NBA All-Star merch.

Blue Skies at IND

If you’re heading to Indianapolis during the NBA All-Star 2024 weekend, or anytime, be sure to look for the newest major piece of public art at IND Airport.

Blue Skies, by Brenna McCarty, is suspended more than 65 feet in the air from the terminal roof structure and is composed of hundreds of acrylic spheres.

Airport Amenity of the Week: IND’s basketball court

This must be what they mean when they say ‘Hoosier Hospitality.’

The 2024 NBA All-Star game will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 18.

To promote the exhibition game and to make fans feel welcome, Indianapolis International Airport (IND) has turned its central terminal area, called the Civic Plaza, into a full-length basketball court, complete with stanchions, glass backboards, and a painted ‘hardwood’ floor.

The only thing missing? The basketballs.

No dribbling, dunking, or basketball playing is allowed.

Chocolate at IND Airport; Motivational Mirrors at ELP Airport; Merch at CVG

We can tell travel is inching back to ‘normal’ because airports are hosting fun events and encouraging travelers to stick around and engage.

Two great examples: Indianapolis International Airport (IND) welcomed the Sweets & Snacks Expo to town (yes, that’s a thing!) with an in-terminal chocolate sculpting demonstration.

And as part of its ongoing Elevate Love Project, El Paso International Airport (ELP) has motivational messages on restroom mirrors.

Chocolate sculpture at IND Airport

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) joined forces with Indy-based Endangered Species Chocolate to host a live chocolate sculpture carving by Chef Paul Joachim, known as the Chocolate Genius.

You can see the action in the video clip below.

Motivational Messages from ELP Airport

A Twitter message from El Paso International Airport (ELP) on National Selfie Day sparked our curiosity about the writing on the restroom mirror in the photo.

It turns out that is part of the airport’s Elevate Love Project, so named to fit with the airport’s call sign ELP.

“Our staff submitted their positivity and we placed them on the mirrors to boost the mood of anyone who sees them,” explains, ELP Education and Graphics Specialist Asa Aguilar. “We have had great responses from the public and many people have submitted to this initiative.”

Here are some samples of the messages and the selfies people have shared. Great idea!

We were also curious about the bird in the photo. And we are pleased to learn that this is Red T. Hawk, El Paso International Airport’s mascot and ambassador.

We think every airport should have a mascot and we’re pleased to add Red T. Hawk to our list.

Fresh Airport Merch at CVG

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) now has an online merch store. Our favorite item? The airport socks, of course. Bonus: 15% off.

IND: 5 Things We Love About Indianapolis International Airport

Stuck at The Airport’s “5 Things We Love About…” series is back for the new year celebrating more features and amenities at airports around the country and the world.

Today we land at Indianapolis International Airport (IND)


5 Things We Love About Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Indianapolis airport art
From Ron Baron’s ‘Baggage Claim” at IND Airport

1. All the Art at IND

Connections, by Cameron McNall and Damon Seeley at IND Airport

IND has a wonderful collection of permanent and temporary art collections displayed throughout the airport. Many of the pieces were created by artists or poets who live in Indiana or have ties to the Hoosier state.

2. The food at IND

IND is one of those airports where you want to arrive hungry.

The “World’s Best Shrimp Cocktail is served with a signature and very spicy cocktail sauce at Harry & Izzy’s steakhouse in Concourse A. The list of other eateries with local connections includes the Sun King Brewing Co., Shapiro’s Delicatessen, and Tinker Coffee. And check out this Reis and Irvy’s robotic yogurt kiosk.

3. Racing Cars in the IND Terminal

Indianapolis is home to the Indy 500, the largest single-day sporting event in the world. So IND airport displays vintage racing vehicles from the vault at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

Passengers will also hear revving engine sound effects in the pedestrian bridge.

4. Largest Airport Solar Farm

IND lays claim to being home to the world’s largest airport solar farm. The field of panels creates enough energy to power 3,675 average American homes per year. For more energy, the airport has human-powered charging bikes.

5. Souvenir Shopping at IND

Souvenir shopping at IND? Fun options include made-in-Indiana candy at Natalie’s Candy Jar; books by Indiana authors at INK by Hudson and, for a splurge, a crystal basketball from Scoreboard on Concourse A.

Did we miss one of the features you love about Indianapolis International Airport? If so, drop a note in the comments section below. Also let us know which airport you’d like to nominate to be featured in our series next.

Indy 500 cars displayed at IND Airport

The Indianapolis 500 takes place in about a month and Indianapolis International Airport is revving up for the race with a new display of some vintage race cars.


This 1950 Russo–Nichels Special, known as “Basement Bessie,” was built by driver Paul Russo and chief mechanic Ray Nichels in the basement of Russo’s home in Hammond, Ind. and had to be partially dismantled in order to move it to the ground floor. Look for this car on Concourse A near the exit to Civic Plaza.

IND _Mickey Thompson

1962 Mickey Thompson Harvey Aluminum Special

Look for this car on Concourse B near the exit to Civic Plaza

(Photos courtesy Indianapolis International Airport)