Finnish NaturalHistory Museum

Helsinki Museums We Love

We traveled to Finland on the inaugural Finnair flight from Seattle to Helsinki on June 1. Now we’re fortunate to spend a few active, blissful, days touring Helsinki and the lakeside Lahti region.

Head here to see snaps and some fun details from our flight over and a “get-to-know-Helsinki” walking tour. We’ve moved along to the Lahti region now, but have a few Helsinki museum spots to share.

Amos Rex Art Museum

Courtesy Amos Rex Museum

Helsinki’s Amos Rex art museum occupies the site of a former bus station and has a popular public square up top and a sunken gallery below.

To give you an idea of the type of art the curators are thrilling the city with, here’s an image of a cacophony of reclaimed chairs flowing over the roof of the building that’s one part of a site-specific piece titled The Nest, by Japanese contemporary artist Tadashi Kawamata.

Finnish Museum of Natural History

Our museum team loves natural history museums, so we made sure to visit the Finnish Museum of Natural History, which has five permanent exhibitions, including Finnish Nature, World Nature, and The Story of the Bones.

We were delighted to spot a rare two-headed calf on display as well as skeletons and specimens galore.

More Finland touring tomorrow…