Fairbanks International Airport

Souvenir Sunday at Fairbanks International Airport

On Sunday here at StuckatTheAirport.com we pause to take a look at some of the inexpensive, unusual and unique-to-the-place souvenirs for sale at airports.

This week’s treats are from Alaska’s Fairbanks International Airport, courtesy Deb Hickok at the Fairbanks Convention &Visitors Bureau.

First up: buttons made from caribou bones, for sale at the airport for about $2.50 each

Caribou buttons

Next – and my favorite – what Hickok describes as “Eskimo-style pin cushion.” A bit over our $10-per-souvenir budget, but charming and, like the caribou buttons, made in Alaska.

Next time you’re stuck at the airport, please take a look around. If you find a souvenir that’s inexpensive (around $10), offbeat and “of” the city or region, please take a photo and send it along. If your souvenir is featured on Souvenir Sunday, I’ll send you a special airport souvenir.

Souvenir Sunday at Fairbanks International Airport

It’s Souvenir Sunday, the day we focus on fun, offbeat and inexpensive items you can find at airports. And I’m tickled that this week’s Souvenir Sunday items come to us from Fairbanks International Airport (FAI), courtesy of Bobbie Egan of Alaska Airlines.

The first souvenir she sent over is this teeny-tiny brush, which has a teeny-tiny price tag: $1.95.

The second souvenir is this moose nugget jewelry:

Both these souvenirs are really tiny, so for balance, here’s  a photo of something really big:

(Official DOT&PF photo by Rebekah Cadigan, FAI)

According to the Fairbanks International Airport website, this is the world’s largest aircraft: the Antonov 225, which has a 290-foot wingspan and 32 wheels.

The plane made a stopover at Fairbanks airport in February while on its way to Port-au-Prince Haiti with more than 250,000 pounds of earthquake relief supplies.

Have you found a great souvenir while stuck at the airport? If it’s under $10, “of” the city or region and, ideally, a bit offbeat, please take a photo and send it along. It may end up featured on a future edition of Souvenir Sunday.