Charlie the Tuna

Roaming Gnome vs Charlie the Tuna & others

When a deal between Expedia and Travelocity was announced a few weeks back I worried about what would happen to the Roaming Gnome.


In an interview shortly after the deal was made, Travelocity CEO Carl Sparks told me the gnome would definitely be sticking around.

But, as we all know, bosses make promises they don’t always keep.

So the Roaming Gnome is likely looking for ways to spice up his resume.

One way he may do that is by winning a spot on the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. Voting for this year’s inductees is open till September 20th and the gnome’s competition includes the likes of Charlie the Tuna, the E-Trade Baby, Mr. Clean and Smokey Bear.

See the full list here and cast your vote.