cancelled flights

“Your Flight Has Been Canceled”

Winter weather and pandemic-related staffing issues are creating a nightmare for travelers.

Thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed – or delayed and then canceled – over the holiday weekend and now into this week.

On Tuesday, more than 1,000 flights across the country were canceled, while thousands more experienced delays. When we checked late Tuesday evening, FlightAware was already showing more than 650 flight cancelations for Wednesday and it’s a good bet that more will be canceled overnight.

We hope you are not caught up in the mess.

“Artfully Concealed” Knives

TSA has some alarming images and statistics about ‘artfully concealed’ and not-so-artfully concealed weapons that people try to bring through airport checkpoints.

Incredibly alarming are the knives discovered on Monday sewn inside a kid’s stuffed animal at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

“The stuffed animal, which appeared to be a black bear in a space-age technology suit and cape, triggered an alarm as it entered the checkpoint X-ray machine,” TSA said in a statement. “The X-ray image indicated something concealed inside the bear and upon closer inspection, TSA officers noticed that the back of the bear showed signs it had been re-stitched.”

When the stitching was removed, two knives were found inside the bear’s stuffing.

The mother of the boy carrying the toy told officials that the bear is a comfort toy for her son. But TSA says the mom will likely face a Federal civil penalty for this violation.

Meanwhile, right before the Christmas holiday, TSA shared that so far this year its officers have found more than 5,700 firearms at security checkpoints. That is a 20-year record.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Polar vortex, arctic chill, super cold weather or just brrrrrr.

Whatever you label it, sub-zero temperatures and weather woes associated with Winter Storm Jayden are causing schools, shopping centers, and goverment offices in the midwest to close and forcing airlines to cancel flights.

The Weather Channel is warning of dangerously cold conditions and warning folks in the Midwest to brace for temperatures to be (and feel like) colder than in “at least two decades.”

On Tuesday evening, FlightAware’s Misery Map was showing flight delays at some east coast airports ranging from an hour (DCA) to more than two-and-a-half hours (EWR) and cancellations for the day at over 1,400.

Wednesday’s outlook doesn’t look any better. As of 10 pm on Tuesday evening, FlightAware showed that more than 1,500 flights within, into or out of the United Stations were already cancelled.

If you have a flight reservation anywhere this week – even to or from a warm place – don’t leave home without checking with your airline.

Here are alerts posted from some of the major U.S. airlines. Airlines are canceling flights proactively and offering change fee waivers/refunds as well.

American Airlines : Travel alert covers more than 30 cities for travel scheduled January 29 and 30.

Winter weather advisories from Delta Air Lines cover flights to, through or from Atlanta, Chicago and the Upper Midwest.

JetBlue’s winter weather waiver covers travel to or from 15 cities in the northeast.

Southwest Airlines is listing travel alerts and waivers for flighs to and from many cities in the Midwest and Northeast.

United Airlines has reduced operations to and from Chicago O’Hare and posted a travel waiver for a long list of Northeast cities.

As the storm and the cold weather makes its way across the country, no doubt some of these travel waivers will be altered and extended. Keep an eye on the skies and on the airline websites and social media posts.

And stay warm!