Broadway tickets

DFW gets Best Buy; air travelers get play tickets

I’m a big fan of skipping the mall and doing all my shopping at the airport. So I’m pleased to see that Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) now has two automated Best Buy stores (a.k.a. vending machines) selling electronic products and accessories all at prices that match the Best Buy stores on the street. (Find them in Terminal B, Gate 29 and Terminal E, Gate 32).

(Photo taken 7/29/08 by Brian Murnahan – DFW International Airport)

Even more intriguing, a Toronto-based company called GuestLogix has announced the launch of an on-board Broadway ticketing service on flights to the New York area. The system may go live on-board a major North American airline by late summer 2008.

According to the company press release, “Airline flight attendants equipped with GuestLogix’ proprietary wireless devices will complete ticket sales and print vouchers to be redeemed for seat assignments at Broadway theater box offices.”