Bradley Airport

Snake on a plane; moose in a rental car lot


I can barely stand to look at this photo or the video in the Tweet below, let alone imagine being on a plane where a giant snake – possibly a venomous green viper 5 feet long – drops down from the overhead bins into the seats below, but this actually happened on an Aeromexico flight from Torreon to Mexico City on Sunday.

According to UPI, the plane was given priority landing clearance in Mexico City and animal control officers came on board to remove the serpent.

In other news… the Connecticut State Police reported that on Monday they were called in to help redirect a moose that somehow got stuck in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car parking lot at Bradley International Airport.


“File this under ‘things they don’t tell you about in the academy'” says the Connecticut State Police Facebook post about the incident.

“Snowtober” in northeast strands travelers at airports

(photo via Flickr Commons/National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection)

Thousands of travelers were delayed and stuck at airports all over the country on Saturday due to the giant snowstorm that hit the northeast.

Most notable – as of late Saturday night – were stories coming out of Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Hartford, Conn., which had a least 30 diverted flights touch down and where passengers on at least one airplane ended up stuck inside their airplane for at least seven hours.

As explanation, JetBlue tweeted: “The safety and comfort of our customers is top priority, both weather and infrastructure issues made remote deplaning impossible,” and “We are sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, sometimes weather can foil even the best laid plans.”

The governor of Connecticut was reportedly sending 1000 cots to the Hartford airport, but that seemed little consolation to @kathylubey who tweeted: “Stuck in Hartford airport after being diverted from jfk. Bar closed all day. Seeking congratulations for weeping only once.”