Boeing 777-300ER

BBC Fast Track & ANZ’s new Boeing 777-300ER

On the BBC World News program Fast Track this week, Carmen Roberts offered up “Hi-tech ways to pass time at the airport.”

I’m delighted to find out that was featured in the story, along with some other “online innovations that may just prevent that air rage from bubbling over.”

Please take a look:

And speaking of innovation….

In Everett, Wa. on Wednesday, Air New Zealand took delivery of its first Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.  The plane is on its way to to Auckland, with a planned touchdown on Christmas Eve morning.

Sadly, I couldn’t join that first flight, so I can’t report for sure whether or not Santa is on that plane, but I do know that the plane is equipped with the new lie-down Skycouch or Cuddle Class seating in economy class, induction ovens that allow the preparation of made-to-order meals, bathrooms with wallpaper depicting book cases, chandeliers and other home interior elements (photo coming soon) and an in-flight story-time for kids hosted by the cabin crew.

ANZ Boeing 777-300ER