RDM: 5 Things We Love About Redmond Municipal Airport – Roberts Field

Welcome to another episode of our 5 Things We Love About… series, which celebrates features and amenities at airports around the country and the world.

Today we land at ‘The Aviation Gateway to Central Oregon’: Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM), a small airport 15 miles north of Bend that has plenty of charm – and some surprises.

As usual, if we miss something you love about Redmond Municipal Airport, please leave a note in the comments sections below.  And be sure to take a look at the other airports on our 5 Things We Love About.. series.

5 Things We Love About Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM)

1. Bigfoot at Redmond Municipal Airport

RDM is in Bigfoot country. And while few have ever seen the elusive creature alive in the wild, this Bigfoot statue lives in the terminal year-round.

2. Art and nature in the RDM terminal

The 100′” by 60″ American Flag quilt, above, was stitched together by 18 local women artists using various hand quilting techniques.

The tree, below, is an example of the beautifully gnarled and twisted Western Juniper trees that can be seen growing in the high desert of Central Oregon. RDM’s juniper tree is thought to be about 500 years old. A baby compared to the oldest juniper tree in Oregon, which is on a ridge east of Bend and may be more than 1600 years old.

3. Rocking chairs at RDM

We’re happy to see another airport with welcoming rocking chairs for passengers.

4. Kids play area and Flybrary Library

RDM has fun play areas for kids pre and post-security with activities for children of various ages. The airport’s Take One/Leave One ‘Flybrary’ is a partnership with the local library.

RDM also has a free flight-themed coloring book that’s easy to download.

5. Views of the Cascade Mountain Range from RDM

On clear days, you should be able to get a great view of the Cascade Mountain Range from RDM airport.

This viewing plaque will help you identify the 3 Sisters, Broken Top, Mt Bachelor, and other mountains.

If we missed one of your favorite amenities at Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM), please let us know. And if you spot Bigfoot in the wild near the airport, be sure to snap a photo and a send it along to

Bigfoot spotted at Seattle-Tacoma Int’l Airport

We spotted this collection of Bigfoot souvenirs at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport recently.

Note the small string of lights wrapping one of the Bigfoot items. It’s a charming signal that the holidays are coming right up. And a gentle reminder that there are lots of reasons to do all your holiday shopping at airports.

We agree. Stay tuned for more gift-worthy items we’re finding in airport shops this year.

Have a suggestion? Send it along.

Bigfoot has moved into a small Oregon airport is a big fan of airport mascots. And Redmond Municipal Airport now has a really big one.

Central Oregon is prime Bigfoot (or Sasquatch)-hunting country. And the newest resident at Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) gives everyone a good look at the ever-elusive creature that tourists hope someday to see.

More than 6-feet tall, this Sasquatch creature toting a pink suitcase arrived at RDM just last week and he/she/it will remain in the terminal for the foreseeable future.

Because, really, who is going to tell a creature that looks like that to move along?

RDM hopes visitors will take selfies with the newly-arrived Sasquatch. And they also hope travelers will post those selfies to the airport’s Facebook page and/or share their photos via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #RDMYeti, #centraloregonsasquatch or #FLYRDM.

And for those who would like to take home a Bigfoot souvenir beyond a photo, the two airport gift shops have plenty of great options.

Here are snaps of some of our favorite Bigfoot gifts. Beyond t-shirts and a great Sasquatch bottle opener, the options include a great addition to our growing collection of airport chocolate ‘poop’ souvenirs.

Please be on the alert for a great statue, mascot or souvenir at any airport you pass through. If you see something that’s fun and very local, please snap a photo and send it along. If your photo is featured on our Souvenir Sunday feature, we’ll send you a cool travel-themed souvenir.

Sasquatch spotted at Sea-Tac Int’l Airport

Travelers have been trying to get a glimpse of the storied but elusive Sasquatch – or Bigfoot – for ages.

Now he’s easy to spot at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


Several Hudson shops I stopped into yesterday had extensive Sasquatch displays with t-shirts, mugs, stuffed animals and, my favorite category of kitschy souvenirs: candy Sasquatch ‘poop.’

SEA Sasquatch Poop

Travel tidbits: Free Wi-Fi at Houston Airports & Bigfoot at Sea-Tac

Free Wi-FI at airport

Yay! Free Wi-Fi is coming to Houston’s Hobby and George Bush Intercontinental airports.

Currently, travelers at these airports can get 45 minutes of complimentary Wi-Fi via Boingo, but according to this article in the Houston Business Journal, the Houston airport authority, is looking at getting a new Wi-Fi provider and offering free Wi-Fi by the end of the year.


And good news for Bigfoot fans. A reader wanted to know if the Bigfoot mugs I wrote about a while back were still for sale at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). According to Jeff Martin, the general manager of the Hudson Group shops at Sea-Tac, the mugs – and some other Bigfoot finds – are for sale at Discover Puget Sound [Central Terminal] and in the Hudson news locations at A-3, B-6, and the North and South Satellites. A line of Bigfoot coffee should also be for sale soon. Martin says “Apparently Bigfoot prefers a dark French Roast…but we’ll also carry a Breakfast Blend.”

No word on how many Bigfoot mugs or bags of my favorite Seattle souvenir, Space Noodles, have been sold, but the airport recently shared some surprising statistics about other items sold on-site.

Anthony’s Restaurant, the main sit-down restaurant in the central terminal, is the highest grossing airport restaurant in North America. During 2012 revenues totaled $12.8 million.

Notable product sales at Sea-Tac airport include:
1.7 million bottles of water
230,000 bags of M&Ms
90,000 neck pillows
20,000 copies of the best-selling book “Fifty Shades of Grey”
And nearly 10,000 “Sleepless in Seattle” nightshirt and pajamas.