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Flight attendants ask passengers to fight new TSA rules



If you’re traveling through Los Angeles International, Washington National, or Norfolk International airports on Thursday, March 21, you may see groups of flight attendants handing out leaflets.

Members of the Coalition of Flight Attendants Unions and others are asking passengers to join them in calling on members of Congress to support legislation to overturn the new TSA rules that will allow small knives back into airplane cabins. They’ll also be asking passengers to sign a White House petition seeking a roll-back of the new rules. More than 36,000 people have signed the petition so far. 100,000 signatures are needed by April 5th in order to get a response from the White House.

Here’s part of what the leaflet says:

The new rule does not make sense for combating potential terrorist attacks nor the daily disturbances we handle by de-escalating conflicts or asking passengers to help us contain problems. Aircraft cabins are fuller than ever and Flight Attendant staffing has been cut. Introducing knives and other weapons into these situations makes our job harder and everyone in the cabin less safe.

It makes no sense to choose between guarding against a hostile take-over attempt and an explosive device. We need to ensure air travel is secured against all threats to our safety and security.

We believe the millions who travel expect to arrive safely – and it’s our job to ensure it. Join us in opposition to this short-sighted, dangerous change to aviation security.

Whether you agree or disagree with the effort, here’s where the leafleting will be taking place and where you can go to chat about the issue.

On Thursday, March 21:

Washington National Airport (DCA),  Concourse Level Terminals A, B, C from 9 a.m to 11 am.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Outside Departure Level – Terminals 1 and 2, 12:20 pm until 2 pm.

Norfolk International Airport (ORF), Airport Lobby, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

The TSA’s revisions to the prohibited items list are scheduled to go into effect on April 25th. You can read details about the changes in the rules about sharp objects and sporting goods and other items on the TSA website, which has a full list of the items allowed – or not – in carry-on and checked bags.