An airport with a rooftop vineyard? Yes, please.

The Stuck at the Airport design team is all about airports of the future and the unusual amenities that can be incorporated into airport terminals.

And they were delighted when Rafael Viñoly Architects sent over the renderings for the design of the new international terminal at Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci (FLR) in Florence, Italy.

The airport is in the heart of Italy’s wine country and the new terminal will incorporate a 19-acre vineyard.

The airport vineyard will feature 38 rows of vineyards on the building’s rooftop, to be cultivated by a vintner from the region and to provide thermal insulation for the terminal building.

Better yet, the wine from the airport’s rooftop vineyard will be aged on-site, in cellars below the area where the ground begins to slope up to become the terminal’s roof.

It may take a while for the airport wine to be ready. But when it is, the Stuck at the Airport team will be there to raise a glass.

Images courtesy ©Rafael Viñoly Architects

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One thought on “An airport with a rooftop vineyard? Yes, please.

  1. Al's Taxi says:

    that is Florence and Italy. makes perfect sense to me. I will order a Chianti

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