XpresSpa adds a stretching service to its menu

We all know travel can be stressful.

And XpresSpa, which offers massage, nail care and rejuvenation services in airports around the world, is now offering a stretching service at 15 of its U.S. airport locations.

Sessions range from 15 to 30 minutes and target travelers who deal with long flights and/or extensive delays. To combat those travel woes, the new stretching service focuses on enhanced blood circulation and reduced muscle fatigue.

For this service, XpresSpa is partnering with a company called Hyperice and makes use of that company’s Hypervolts 2 massage gun and a new heated attachment.

“As air travel enthusiasts and jet-setters prepare to embark on their next adventure, they often focus on packing their bags, checking flight itineraries, and ensuring all necessary documents are in order,” said XWELL CEO Scott Milford. “However, they often overlook the benefits of incorporating relaxing stretch into their travel routine to provide additional peace of mind as they make their way through the world.”

The new stretching sessions are offered in increments of 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes. And the sessions cost $45, $55, and $75 respectively.

Or you can try a do-it-yourself stretching and singing session with this vintage Romper Room song:

If you try the modern XpresSpa version, let us know if you recommend the service.

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