Suitcases can sing at Munich Airport

Wheeled suitcases are favored by travelers for their maneuverability.

But during Octoberfest season, a Munich Airport (MUC) installation is proving that wheeled suitcases can also make music.

Sponsored by German brewery Paulaner, the SoundTrack installation between Terminals 1 and 2 at Munich Airport is a walkable track made of acrylic glass with milled grooves.

If a traveler walks along the track with their wheeled suitcase and sets their stride to a strip of lights, the tones made by the wheels on the track will ‘play’ the melody of the well-known Oktoberfest song Ein Prosit der Gem├╝tlichkeit. During Oktoberfest, whenever the tune is heard, festival participants are supposed to raise their mugs.

The installation works a bit like a record player, with the wheels of the suitcase serving as the ‘needle’ that reads the grooves on the record.

Click on the video below to see how the Suitcase Soundtrack was made and how it works.

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