Get Mushroom Coffee at SEA Airport

Mushrooms are very ‘in’ right now. And certain types of mushrooms are said to be adaptogenic, providing a wide range of beneficial effects to our bodies.

Adding adaptogenic mushrooms to coffee is also very ‘in’ right now.

And Seattle-based start-up, Wunderground, says its coffee containing adaptogenic mushrooms can help balance stress and cortisol, improve focus, boost whole system immunity, and improve mood.

Travelers passing through Seattle-Tacoma Internatinal Airport (SEA) now have a chance to check those claims out.

A new pop-up shop on Concourse C at SEA, Wunderground @ SEA Airport, is offering complimentary samples of all its mushroom coffees along with sales of their packaged coffee and tea products.

Wunderground is also offering discounts on their gift bundles and has shelves stocked with mushroom merch and mushroom-themed cupcakes from Seattle’s Cupcake Royale, which was also founded by Wunderground Founder & CEO Jody Hall.

“Most [people] wrinkle their nose at the idea of coffee with mushrooms,” Hall told Stuck at the Airport. “But when they try ours, they’re in love with how delicious it tastes, not to mention how it makes them feel better.”

During May, Wunderground will not only be providing complimentary samples of its mushroom coffee, but also giving 3 complimentary travel-sized packets of its instant coffees and tea to anyone who signs up for the mailing list.

We suggest pairing your complimentary mushroom coffee sample with a complimentary sample of chocolate from Seattle Chocolate, across the hall from Wunderground.

Mushroom Coffee at Your Airport?

Hall says Wunderground’s target audience is high stress, high performance’ people.

And airports are an ideal place to find those people.

So if Wunderground becomes a permanent fixiture at SEA, look for it to expand to other airports.

“I worked at Starbucks back in the early days, when we only had 4 markets,” said Hall. “Someone had the brilliant idea to put Starbucks at the airport and it paved the way to drive US market expansion. I see a similar path with Wunderground.”

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