Fresh art at Albany Int’l Airport

– Bouquet of Floral Funnel Forms – Ben Godward

New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB) is getting ready to debut a new exhibition.

The sculptures and prints in the Lumen exhibition are by Shaina Gates, Heather Hutchison, and Ben Godward. And all the works in the exhibition are engaged with or activated by light.

“Visitors will experience shifts in the dimension and character of the artwork as sunlight and weather change over the course of a day or a season,” said Kathy Greenwood, Director of the Airport’s Art & Culture Program. “Each artist harnesses light and color through complex and somewhat mysterious processes.”

Assemblies of small, gem-like sculptures by Shaina Gates are made from expired black and white photographic sheet film.

The range of hues results from sun exposure and a host of chemical and chance conditions.

Ben Godward’s hand-pigmented resin sculptures are composed of translucent layers of brilliant color.

In the presence of light, these sculpture project radiant effects on the surfaces around them.

And Heather Hutchison’s minimal forms contain meticulously constructed optical shifts that are produced with layers of transparent and opaque materials conditions.

Lumen will be on display in the Albany International Airport Gallery, located pre-security on the third floor of the terminal, from September 24, 2022, through February 27, 2023. Hours: 7 am – 10 pm daily.

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