We all scream for ice-cream

July is National Ice-Cream Month

July is National Ice-Cream Month and Sunday was National Ice Cream Day.

And while no one really needs a special reason to enjoy ice cream when traveling, here’s how some airports and airlines marked National Ice Cream Day. Plus some bonus ice cream images from the National Archives.

Boys eating ice cream. Courtesy National Archives

“People have been eating and making ice cream innovations since cold storage became more commercially affordable,” the National Archives reminds us. “Early founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson regularly enjoyed ice cream, and it was a featured dessert at James Madison’s inauguration ball in 1813.”

Ice cream-related inventions have proliferated over time, “as ice cream manufacturers and other dairy businesses constantly tinkered with new inventions to help mix, freeze, store, and transport ice cream while keeping its flavor and temperature perfect for the market.”

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