Do you miss shopping for souvenirs at airports?

The “stay home” command in response to COVID-19 is keeping us out of airports.

Besides the travel, what we’re really missing are all the souvenir-shopping opportunities airports offer.

So this week we’ll share some of the fun and offbeat souvenirs we’ve spotted at airports here and there.

First up: themed candy “poop.”

We’re not sure why this is a ‘thing.’ But we get a kick out of it. And since so much in the world right now seems to have turned to sh#!, we may as well start with some of our collection of perfectly fine chocolate and other candy spotted in airport shops that’s labeled as souvenir ‘poop.’

We’ve found Alien Poop in Houston, Turtle Poop in Florida, Sasquatch Poop in Seattle and Horse Poop in Kentucky. And, of course, Carpet Poop from the Portland International Airport.

We’ll add other non-poop souvenirs we’ve picked up at airports in the days to come. But if you have a favorite airport souvenir – or type of airport souvenir – to show off please leave a note in the comment area below.

(Not shot glasses, please..)

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