SFO Airport gets observation deck

We’re always happy here at Stuck at the Airport to hear about cool new amenities in the terminals.

A new addition to celebrate is San Francisco International Airport’s recently-opened post-security observation deck for travlers.

Courtesy SFO

The 2,997 square foot outdoor terrace has wooden chairs, tables, chaise lounges, bronze sculptures and a nice collection of drought-tolerant plants.

SFO Observation Deck. Courtesy of the airport.

Ten-foot bird-safe glass panels provide wind protection for passengers, but don’t get in the way of the view up into the skies to see planes taking off and landing.

Want to go?

SFO’s new outdoor terrace is open from 7:00 am to 11:30 pm every day. It is accessible to passengers in Terminal 3 via a secure connecting walkway.

Looking ahead: SFO plans to open another obervation deck in October 2019.

That one will be located pre-security in Terminal 2 and will be accessible to the general public – no boarding pass required.

Of course, now we need to make a list of all the other airports that have Observation Decks. Can you help out?

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5 thoughts on “SFO Airport gets observation deck

  1. SFO says it is 2,997 square feet… Does it feel much smaller? I’ll be checking it out myself next week – will bring measuring tools….


  2. Lydia says:

    Bill Stewart~ right inside from the deck, you can get coffee or a smoothie at Joe & the Juice. Not sure if alcohol is allowed outside.

  3. Lydia says:

    There’s no way that it’s 2,997 square feet!! It’s really nice though! I work in SFO and have been on the deck. Love it. The planters, the sculptures, the lounge chairs. Super cool!!

  4. SEYMOUR HILLS says:

    It is very nice to see SFO being so up to date…I used to frequent the old viewing area back in 1975 when it has a restaurant and bar…The views were great…I am really happy to see that a new one will open in T2 and look forward to visiting.

  5. Bill Stewart says:

    Obviously needs a bar on the observation deck, or at least coffee.

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