How to get one of United’s Olympic athlete superhero action figures

Olympic figure skater Nathan Chen as United Airlines superhero action figure King Quad. Courtesy United

United Airlines is so excited about being the official airline of the United States Olympic Committee that it has made superhero action figures of six athletes competing in the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and another half dozen action figures of United employees who do the magic on the planes and behind the scenes to fly the athletes to the games.

The athletes portrayed as action figures are:

Air Raider: freeskier Gus Kenworth

Artic Angel: snowboarder Jamie Anderson

Ice Lightning: short track speed track skater J.R. Celski

The Rocket: luger Erin Hamlin

King Quad: figure skater Nathan Chen

The Fury: sled hockey player, Nikko Landerson

(“Ice  Lightening” and “Winged Wonder” action figures)

There are also six superhero action figures portraying United employees, including one named Storm Tamer, representing an airline operations expert and my favorite, Departicus, who represents a customer service agent.

Want an action figure of your own?

In celebration of the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, United is giving out athlete action figures to customers at its hubs on Friday.

Look for the life-sized mannequins of the sponsored Team USA athletes at these spots. At each airport, the airline will be giving out the 100 action figure corrosponding to the life-size mannequin on site.

Houston (IAH): North Terminal, past gate C3

Dulles (IAD):  IAD: Intersection in C Concourse, en route to the trains

Denver (DEN): Concourse B, central plaza

Los Angeles ( LAX): Second level, Terminal 7 just above security

San Francisco (SFO) Rotunda near the food court

Newark (EWR) C3 Concourse

Chicago (ORD): Gate B12

At each airport, the airline will be giving out the action figure corrosponding to the life-size mannequin on site.

The airline has also been giving out action to figures to travelers at Penn Station in New York City who take a photo by the Team USA wall and then share the photo on social media (#TeamUnited).





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12 thoughts on “How to get one of United’s Olympic athlete superhero action figures

  1. Try tweeting at @United. They may still have some figurs to share.

  2. Debbie says:

    We are very close friends of Erin Hamlin’s and would love to purchase her action figure. Can you tell me how we can get one of her action figures. We have been following Erin since she started luge and are so proud of her accomplishments. We have a collection of her memorabilia and would love to include the action figure into it. Thank you so much.

  3. Try tweeting at @United.

  4. Try Tweeting at @united to see if they can help you out.

  5. You might try Tweeting at @united to see if they can help you out!

  6. MaryBethHamlinRoberts says:

    I am Erin a Hamlin’s Aunt, have been following Erin her whole luge career since she was 12 yrs old – I had really planned to attend the Olympics in PyeongChang with the rest of the family but physical issues prevented me from that special trip with them. I have a collection of items from the last 4 Olympics and would love to obtain one of your action figures to complete my collection of Erins career! Someone picked up one of your United books for me on a flight which I now display in my office. I love the commercial you put together of Erin and the other athletes! We couldn’t be prouder of our “Rocket”!!
    Thank you for all that you’ve done and displayed of our awesome athletes!!

  7. Melanie says:

    We would love to buy Erin Hamlin action figures ! We have know her her whole life ! Hometown hero ! Please send info if this is possible !!!

  8. I don’t know if /where they might be for sale. Try tweeting to @United, I’m sure they’re getting lots of requests.

  9. Lydia Modugno says:

    I have 13 grandchildren and I always get them some type of music doll when I get to see them, I appreciate all the help in getting the Olympic figures. Thank you again, Lydia

  10. Lydia Modugno says:

    I love the Superhero Action Figures and would like to purchase all of them, please let me know how, thank you in advance for your help!

  11. Thanks for spotting my typo! Hope you get an action figure. If not.. .let me know.

  12. Hajime Sano says:

    Thanks for this information. J.R. Celski trained with our club in LA a few years ago, and his friends and family have been wondering where to get an Ice Lightning figurine. I’ll forward this information to his dad.

    A few minor corrections in the “The athletes portrayed as action figures are:” section:
    J.R. Celski is a “short track speed skater”
    Nikko Landerson is a “sled hockey player”

    Thanks so much!

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