EWR or JFK? Cabs in NY know which is faster.


United Airlines recently spent $120 million renovating Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Now the airline is using New York taxis in a creative ad campaign designed to convince New Yorkers to fly out of Newark instead of JFK.

And to prove that Newark Liberty airport (EWR) is closer to New York City than John F. Kennedy International Airport, United fitted 125 New York City taxis with GPS software that shows a real-time comparison of the travel times between the city and both JFK and EWR airports on a digital display on top of the cab.

“The digital displays are synced with data from the Curb application and update in real time with every change in a taxi’s position and evolving traffic patterns,” United Maggie Schmerin explained, “It represents the first time live traffic data has ever been used to dynamically display messaging on top of a taxi.”


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2 thoughts on “EWR or JFK? Cabs in NY know which is faster.

  1. Daryl says:

    What percentage of riders wanted or want to go to Manhattan and what percentage of riders want to go elsewhere—like the other boroughs?

    Why is United doing this now, when they don’t even fly into or out of JFK, after Smisek and United abandoned JFK, before Uber and Lyft, et al came along and got really going, before Smiset smirked that United flew everywhere (foreign) but (didn’t say that United also) cut back on domestic?

    I am not convinced, not at all.

  2. Rich McClear says:

    EWR also has good train links to New York, Newark and other Jersey points.

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