Fliers “tipped” TSA $765,000 in loose change

pan am coin purse

In 2015, passengers in a rush to gather their belongings after going through airport checkpoints left behind more than three-quarters of a million dollars in the plastic buckets and bins at airport security checkpoints.

That $765,759.15 was mostly in the form of loose change. And thanks to a law passed by Congress in 2005, after collecting and tallying the cash, the TSA gets to keep it.

Here’s how much passengers left behind in the past:

2014: $674,841.06
2013: $638,142.64
2012: $531,395.22
2011: $487,869.50
2010: $409,085.56
2009: $432,790.62
2008: $383,413.79

Not interested in tipping the TSA? Then don’t dump the contents of your pockets in the bins. Instead, keep your change in a small change purse and put that into your larger carry-on.

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