SEA Airport puts all its art in an app

SEA_Spinning Our Wheels 2_photo by Spike Mafford photography

Spinning our Wheels – Spike Mafford

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has an incredible art collection that was started in the late 1960s and added to over the years with impressive works in glass, sculpture, photography, painting and sound.

You can walk around the airport, see something you like, read the labels and learn a lot anytime you want – but now the airport has an impressive app that tells you not only where everything in the collection is located (you don’t want to miss something great, do you?), but also all about the artwork, the artist and other places you can see their work.


Louise Nevelson – Night Flight –

The entire collection – which currently numbers 65 pieces – has been loaded into the STQRY app (pronounced “story”) which is available as a free download for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


York Factory A – Frank Stella – Courtesy Sea-Tac Airport

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