Week long delay for some Alaska Airlines passengers?

My route home to Seattle from Santiago, Chile was via Miami and Chicago, so I suspected I was maybe just very tired and a bit out of it when I looked at the “Departures” and “Arrivals” screens for Alaska Airlines at O’Hare International Airport.


The departures were definitely for January 7th – my day of travel – but the arrivals screen said January 1st – which made me wonder where those planes – and all those passengers – have been the past week. And what sort of crazy New Year’s Eve party they may have been at if they were just now getting home a week later.

I snapped a photo (actually I stopped a tall person passing by and asked them to reach up and snap the photo), posted it on Twitter and, not long after, got a reply from the airline:


Thanks, Alaska Airlines, for attending to that glitch. I’d hesitated getting on my flight for fear that I’d end up in another dimension.

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