Snack Saturday: automated treats

I still get a kick out of seeing those ZOOM vending machines (officially “automated retail stores”) at airports offering everything from iPods to products from Best Buy, Sephora and the SkyMall catalog

Airport vending machine ZOOM SKYMALL

But these aren’t the only unusual vending machines you’ll find  in airports.

Last time I passed through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the SHOP 24 was still there. This giant vending machine fits in the space of a small retail shop and is filled with all sorts of snacks and sundries. It’s as entertaining as it is convenient.

Now comes word that Outagamie County Airport (ATW) in Appleton, WI. has one of the country’s 25 Willy Wonka Candy Machines. The machine draws attention with sounds and flashing lights and lets customers customize their own selection of candy, which is delivered in cups.

Outagamie Airport Willy Wonka candy machine

(Photo courtesy Outagamie County Airport)

Tomorrow (Sunday, July 18th) is National Ice-Cream Day, so keep in mind that you’ll find the country’s only airport-based Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream vending machine at Massachusetts’ New Bedford Regional Airport

Ice cream vending machine

And at Nashville International Airport, there’s a Dippin’ Dots machine.

Know of another fun airport vending machine? Please snap a photo and send it along.

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