Fresh art at LAX

Unless you’re in the right terminal, you run the risk of missing some of the great art that gets exhibited at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  For example, right now there are several new exhibits up in Terminal 1:

My Toy Robots includes 20 paintings by Frank Minuto depicting brightly colored vintage robots and graffiti-style text.

Altimetry is an exhibition of more than 30 paintings and photographs by ten artists depicting cloud formations, stars and horizons.

Dispersion, by Meeson Pae Yang, is a three-dimensional portrayal of artificial plant seeds and spores “carried through the air in a pristine recreation of natural events.” The site-specific installation is made from natural and synthetic materials, such as preserved moss, vinyl and silicone tubing.

And there are twenty-two abstract paintings by Quinton Bemiller, which depict “a kind of fictional landscape through the accumulation of color and form.”

All this work is in Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport.  For more information about this work and other exhibits at LAX, see the LAX website.

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