Snack Saturday: Happy, Dizzy popcorn at Indianapolis Airport

Everyone in Indianapolis seems to be gaga over Just Pop In’s flavored popcorn and gourmet nuts.

So as a popcorn fan I was happy to see a Just Pop In shop when I landed at Indianapolis International Airport.

It’s not just the popcorn smell that lures folks this way. It’s the colorful display of choices and, when you get up close, the names.

Just Pop In’s Pop Life Collection includes fun names and flavors such as Happy (cherry)

Soar (strawberry), Dizzy (vanilla) and, our favorite, Jett (cocoa).

There’s a decadent milk chocolate collection too.

Is there a local snack you look forward to eating when you’re Stuck at the Airport? If you’ve got a favorite, please snap a photo and send it along. You snack suggestion might be featured on a future edition of Snack Saturday.

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