Snack Saturday

Snack Saturday: sampling from

The folks at sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in sampling some of their products for tastiness and portability for traveling.

It was mid-afternoon, I was hungry, so I said “Sure. Surprise me with some samples.”

The very next day a box with Chia Chips, Sea Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips and Half Popped Popcorn (way better than it sounds) showed up at the house.


The resealable bags would definitely make these and many of the other healthy treats in the line-up a good candidate for snacking on at the airport and on board a plane.

And while I’d like to show you what the treats look like outside of those pretty yellow bags, unfortunately they’ve, um… already disappeared.

Snack Saturday at Honolulu Int’l Airport

This rainbow was my sendoff as I left my Honolulu hotel for a few hours of wandering around Honolulu International Airport earlier this week.

Honolulu Rainbow

Despite the construction underway as part of the long-promised ‘modernization’ program, I was happy to learn that the cultural gardens will remain at HNL and happy to see that souvenirs like these Spam-flavored macadamia nuts are still available.

More souvenirs from Honolulu Int’l Airport tomorrow on Souvenir Sunday.

HNL - spam macadamia nut

Snack Saturday: new food cart at PDX Airport


In October, we learned that Portland, Oregon’s food truck craze had finally made it to the airport, with two food carts making their debut and the promise of more to come.

Promises have been kept and a third food cart operator, Love & Whisky, has opened in the pre-security shopping and dining area known as the Oregon Market.

On the menu: gourmet food with savory burgers and pancakes, all “made with loveā€¦ and sometimes a little whisky.”

The food cart program at Portland International Airport is designed to feature a rotating selection, so Love & Whisky will be at PDX through May 2015.

The Stuck at the Airport team is planning to check out the PDX food carts next week when we arrive in town for a holiday shopping adventure that takes advantage of local shops that have branches at the airport, the airport’s street-pricing policy and the fact that there’s no sales tax in Oregon.

While in town, we’re also looking forward to shopping at the art and craft-filled independently-owned stores participating in Portland’s post-Thanksgiving Little Boxes shopping event and prize raffle that takes place in the city’s super-hip neighborhoods.