Souvenir Sunday: musical treats at Austin-Bergstrom Int’l Airport

Nancy Coplin, the music coordinator at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, has an enviable and very important job.  The airport has four performance venues and eleven live concerts each week and she’s the one in charge of the schedule.

In Austin, of course, you can’t spit without hitting a Grammy-winner or two, so when Nancy drops a note to say she was tickled by the performers at the airport that day, I take notice.  Here’s her report on some special guests at the airport earlier this week:

“Today we had the Bill Carter Trio. Bill is probably the premier songwriter in Austin-having written songs for Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and many more. Stephen Doster, is a great musician and a great record producer. The 3rd person today is Denny Freeman, who is playing the airport for the 1st time.  He just finished touring as Bob Dylan’s guitarist and has played with many greats, including Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan.”

Why didn’t she send out the alert earlier?  “We didn’t know they’d all be here!”

We’ll let her off the hook – this time – but only because Nancy was kind enough to send these photos along for Souvenir Sunday – the day we take a look at some of the fun, inexpensive treats you can find while being Stuck at the Airport. Great music – for free -certainly fits the bill.

Group shot: Denny Freeman, Bill Carter and Stephen Doster

(Denny Freeman)

(Bill Carter)

(Stephen Doster)

Curious to see who may be playing next time you pass through Austin-Bergstrom International Airport?  Check the airport Website. The schedule for at least one of the stages is usually posted.

And.. if you find a great souvenir while you’re stuck at the airport – something under $10, “of” the city or region and, ideally, a bit offbeat, please take a photo and send it along. It may end up featured on a future edition of Souvenir Sunday.

All Photos Sandy L. Stevens, courtesy of City of Austin

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