Barking up the wrong tree: air travel just too bizarre

As this New York Times article describes, the new era of security at airports is all about contradictions, confusion and delays.

Also this week, bad weather in the U.S. Midwest and Southeast, and in Europe, is forcing airlines to cancel flights and strand passengers at airports.

If that’s not bad enough, today a few “unruly” passengers forced a few airplanes to turn around.  The most serious incident took place on a Portland to Hawaii-bound flight when, according to the TSA spokesperson, “a suspicious passenger” made threatening remarks and refused to store his carry-on bag.  Two military fighter jets were called out to escort that plane back to the airport.

So while I really wanted to ignore the story about today’s “Chihuahua lift” I just can’t. We need a break.

Here, then, is a photo that shows a few of the fifteen Chihuahua pups Virgin America flew for free from California – where there seem to be just too many Chihuahuas – to New York City, where there are, evidently not enough.  The New York American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has promised to find the wee pups good homes.

(Photo courtesy Virgin America, Bob Riha, Jr.)

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