Giant suitcase at Blackpool Int’l Airport

Blackpool International Airport (BLK), which hosted Britain’s first official major air show back in 1909, is celebrating 100 years of flying with a week of commemorative celebrations  – and this giant 10-foot tall suitcase.

Blackpool SuitcaseArrives

The suitcase was created by artist Paul Kondras.  But don’t worry: he didn’t try checking it in or taking it aboard a flight as carry-on luggage.  Instead, this giant valise has been filled with an exhibition about the area’s connection to aviation pioneers.

Blackpool Suitcase

And here’s something for travelers to consider while they’re inside that suitcase: although Blackpool airport charges every departing passenger over 16 years of age an Airport Development Fee (ADF) of about $15 U.S. dollars, since the beginning of this year the Airport has been offering all travelers 15 days of free parking.

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2 thoughts on “Giant suitcase at Blackpool Int’l Airport

  1. I love the suitcase, how much was the excessive luggage charge 🙂
    As for the Airport Development Fee most people in Blackpool are against the charge. It would be fine if it was a fee for the work that had been done. My problem is that when the money is spent the owners wont be giving the money back, as the shops will be paying rent etc.

  2. David Lifton says:

    Oh I like this GIANT suitcase! Art is especially fun when it is interactive and I wonder how many travelers could fit in the suitcase. I can see this in an old Marx Brothers film.

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