Dancing with luggage at San Diego Airport

Why pull your luggage behind you when you could dance with it instead?


Today, August 18, 2009, between 11:00am -1:00pm, San Diego International Airport’s Performing Arts Program – known as ã brève – will present a free improvisational performance of Rolling Luggage by the San Diego Dance Theater.

Appropriately enough, the performance will take place in the airport’s Terminal 2 West baggage claim area.

Rolling Luggage is the work of choreographer Jean Isaacs.  The airport performance will depict eight travelers who, after claiming their luggage, begin to spin, swivel and “rock out” to music in the air.

I’m hoping they don’t announce the performance, but just sort of launch into it.  The look on the faces of  “just another Tuesday” travelers should be priceless.

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