Game playing at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

I was poking around the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) Web site looking for information about the new non-stop flights United Airlines has announced between PIT and LAX & PIT and SFO – and ended up taking a fun detour to the kids page.


You should try it: on the games page you can try to put together a puzzle of a dinosaur in under two minutes.  (If you were at the airport you could see the 15 foot-tall, 30 foot-long model of a T-Rex skeleton, above, on the airside of the terminal, by the people-mover trains.)

PIT Coloring book

You can also print out an airport-themed coloring book, instructions for making a half dozen different paper airplanes, and test your ability to identify sounds heard at airports and airplanes.


There are more fun and games, for kids of all ages, at the FlyKids page on the Pittsburgh International Airport Web site.

You can even play these games if you’re stuck at Pittsburgh International Airport, because PIT is on the airports that offers free wireless Internet access.


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