Flawed artwork at San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport has a new permanent art installation; and it’s flawed.

Christie Beniston’s new piece, Time Interwoven, is in the elevator lobby of the Commuter Terminal.  A grid measuring 8′ x 6′ x 15′, the work is designed to resemble a Native American weaving.

SDIA Time Interwoven

A metaphor for time and travel, the piece is divided into 24 color panels, representing the 24 time zones of the world.  Each panel contains the name of a city in that particular time zone.

The color panel for San Diego will be lit at the start of the work day (8:00 a.m.) and, throughout the day, other panels will be lit to coordinate with the start of the work day around the world.

OK, now the flaw:  many Native Americans leave a deliberate flaw in woven creations to release the work’s spirit.  Beniston has done that with this piece:  an ‘out of order’ cell in the work is reserved for San Diego “allowing it to release the aviation ingenuity of such pioneers as Charles Lindbergh.”

SDIA - Flawed Beniston

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