Souvenir Sunday: Spongeables at LAX

Whether or not you actually buy anything, souvenir shopping is good way to spend some time when you’re stuck at the airport.

For this week’s Souvenir Sunday we have an item that was not only invented in Los Angeles, but actually seems to be useful and airport-security friendly.


(Photo courtesy Katherine Alvarado at LAX)

They’re called Spongeables and are fun-shaped sponges infused with cleansers and skin care ingredients.  At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) they’re for sale in Terminal 4 at the Destinations LA store, which also has LA-made peanut brittle for sale.

Have you found a great souvenir while you were Stuck at the Airport?

If it’s under $10 and “of” that place then please take a picture and send it along. We may feature it on a future Souvenir Sunday.

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