Free audiobook downloads at Rome, Milan, Brussels airports

Here’s a promotion that I hope catches on elsewhere:

Through the rest of 2009, travelers passing through Rome, Milan or Brussels airports can now download audiobooks for free.

library-book-cartThe promotion is courtesy of the Oneworld airline alliance (American Airlines, British Airways and others) and the Oneworld Travel Library.

The library has about 40 titles and includes fiction, business, culture and travel in English, Dutch, French, and Italian. Right now the choices include Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons,¬†Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father, Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and other current titles.

To access the library, you’ll need a laptop, smartphone, PDA or some other wireless-enabled device and access to the Wi- Fi network in one of the library-airports.¬† Once you download a book, you’ll have 14 days to read it.

For more information, and to reserve your books, visit the Oneworld library.

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One thought on “Free audiobook downloads at Rome, Milan, Brussels airports

  1. MudslideMama says:

    I love this; it’s great information. Considering the generally crappy level of literature (or, “literature,” to be more precise) I usually find at Hudson News and other airport kiosks, I’m thinking this audiobook library is practically worth a trip to Italy in and of itself!

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