Cheap airport eats: $5 meals at LGA, PHL and a dozen other airports

“For a limited time only,” which could end up stretching throughout the summer, you’ll be able to get $5 meals at both Philadelphia International Airport and New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

6x6_register_cardBetween the two airports, there are 50 restaurants and food vendors participating in the WOW! $5 CHOW! promotion, which includes special offers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If your summer travel plans include either airport, I’d suggest printing out the list and tucking it into your carry-on.

Here’s a link to the participating restaurants at LaGuardia Airport and here’s a link to the participating restaurants at Philadelphia International Airport.

Also, keep in mind, that T.G.I. Friday’s, which has more than 18 airport branches, is offering full size portions of 16 salads and sandwiches for $5 through the month of May.¬† If you sign up for their Give me more Stripes program, you’ll also get other free stuff throughout the year. (T.G. I. Airport branches include:¬† Detroit, DFW – 6 locations, San Francisco, San Antonio, MSP, ATL, Tampa, Newark, Indianapolis, Islip, Tulsa, and Pittsburgh.

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