Headache at the airport? Don’t pay through the nose.

Massage bars, wine bars, museum-quality artwork, and shops selling everything from fine jewelry and gourmet chocolate to suits, fancy scarves and indestructible suitcases.

You won’t have too much of a problem finding these services and products at most North American airports these days.


But it’s a different story if you go looking for a bottle of aspirin, a birthday card, tampons, Scotch tape, deodorant, or a handful of paper clips.  For some reason, these everyday conveniences are still sometimes hard to find at many airports.   And if you find them, the prices can be shocking.  $5 for a two-tablet pack of Tylenol?  Outrageous.

But now the prices on convenience items at many airports are starting to come down.  Find out which airports are making sure you don’t have to pay through the nose to cure a travel-induced headache  in my “At the Airport”  column posted today on USAToday.com.

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