A lounge within a lounge at SFO

Sunday mornings at SFO can be fairly quiet. Unless it’s a holiday weekend and rain and fog are causing flight delays.

United’s Red Carpet Club on Sunday morning? Quiet as well. Not the usual zillion folks making cold calls, excuses, or dates from the cubicles in the business center.  And plenty of bagels and bananas left on the buffet.

And back in the Westin Renewal Lounge section of the Red Carpet club? It’s even quieter; verging on the serene.

And that’s the goal.


The co-branded lounge-within-a lounge welcomes travelers with an “elixir” made from orange juice, green tea and ginger. There’s also a large window overlooking the activity at a few gates and special photo-therapy lighting that promises to make any jet-lagged passenger feel “more alert, awake and energized.”


I have only one small quibble: there’s a large screen showing really lovely, very calming nature scenes (wait for the orange butterflies!) in HDTV, courtesy of Blue Marvel.  But a narrated informational tag kept cycling through explaining that the programming is so soothing in part because it’s narrative-free.

The are Westin Renewal Lounges in two Red Carpet Club locations: San Francisco (Terminal 3 by gate 80) and Los Angeles (Terminal 7 by gate 70). There’s also one in the First Class Lounge in New York (JFK terminal 7).

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