Setting air fares by weight

Folks were intrigued to learn about Derrie-Air, a new “carbon-neutral luxury airline” that charges passengers by the pound. It turned out to be a publicity stunt, but it got folks talking about the concept of treating passengers more like freight.

The folks at NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, found it “sort of funny,” but ultimately “preposterous.” But as you can read in my Well-Mannered Traveler column on, others thought it was actually a great idea.


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One thought on “Setting air fares by weight

  1. Gail B says:

    I’m a fat lady (no putting a nice face on it) who tries to always get an aisle seat so I can lean a bit into the aisle and not infringe non my neighbor. I try really hard to do this and will sometimes go first class if I can afford it. I don’t eat McNuggets, this is just how I turned out. I wish I were thinner, but calling me names isn’t going to help. So I don’t fly much anymore. I haven’t yet bought two coach seats, but I might do, if the trip is important enough to me. I might also be willing to pay by the pound if the weigh-in could be done in private and if it would then shield me from glares and unkind remarks.

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