Heading to London?

One of the new airline routes introduced on March 31 (2008) as part of the EU – US Open Skies Agreement is daily Los Angeles-London service on Air France.

Passengers on this route cannot yet use Air France’s new in-flight cell-phone service (that’s being tested on one airplane that flies within Europe) but they can watch live afternoon news bulletins from the BBC World.

One topic the BBC is certainly covering: the story of airline bankruptcies (Aloha, ATA) and the ongoing fiasco in Heathrow’s Terminal 5.   British Airways is still canceling flights (schedules might be normal by Saturday) and trying to reunite passengers with checked baggage that’s been stuck at the airport since opening day.

FedEx has been called in to help ease the backlog and a convoy of “lorries” (sounds more dashing than “diesel trucks,” doesn’t it?) has taken thousands of bags to Milan for sorting.

Milan! Instead of handing out discount vouchers to inconvenienced passengers, the airline should offer free “baggage reunion” trips to Milan instead.


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