Aliens & odd things at Denver Int’l Airport


Like zombies, the conspiracy theories about everything from aliens to underground bunkers, lizard people and secret military installations at Denver International Airport never die.

DEN officials do their best to debunk the really bizarre claims, but they have fun with them as well.

This month, to coincide with the Halloween season, the airport is even hosting a series of conspiracy theory-themed events, including a “Conspiracy Theories Uncovered” Art Exhibit (near the north security checkpoint; open 24 hours) with video, artwork, props and more that explain the most pervasive theories, free hour-long conspiracy theory art tours (Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays through October 29), a “What’s Under DEN” Facebook contest and a Conspiracy Costume Party – on October 20 – with a free screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind out on the plaza between the airport terminal and the Westin Denver International Airport.


Spotted at Atlanta Int’l Airport – a forest



Here’s a good reason to walk – or take the moving walkways – instead of the train between concourses at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: the art!

Especially now that “Flight Paths”, by artist Steven Waldeck, seems to be finished.

The $4.1 million installation has taken years to complete but is designed to give travelers the feeling of walking through a forest – complete with a simulated tree canopy, bird sounds, floor projections and special lighting along the 450-foot long underground tunnel between Concourses A and B.


Fresh art at PHL Airport

With more than 20 temporary and permanent exhibitions scattered throughout the terminals, Philadelphia International Airport has an art program worth your layover.

Here are some pictures of just a few of the newest exhibits:


In Terminal A (post-security) look for a quirky exhibition of an inflatable cloud by Philadelphia artist Janell Olah, who is known for creating artwork that captures circulated air to inflate and activate her sculptural installations.


Urban Expressionism, between Terminals C/D, is by local artist Leroy Johnson, who uses clay, paint, charcoal, photographs, found objects and other materials to create paintings and small dioramas that depict the local landscape.


And in Terminal D there are images and 3-D objects made by students of CHAD – the Charter High School for Architecture + Design.


(Photos courtesy of Philadelphia International Airport)

Fresh art at Los Angeles Int’l Airport


A new temporary, site-specific art installation at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) titled “Transfiguration,” is by LA artist Erika Lizee.

According to a statement about the new installation, the work “explores the idea of a hidden and undefined world existing beyond the visible realm.”

The statement goes on to explain that in the work, trompe l’oeil and sculptural paintings of mysterious and abstract shapes suggest the wall’s surface has been peeled back to reveal a magical otherworld. Hazy cloud-like tendrils and delicate lavender flowers sculpted from Duralar, a translucent film, seem to waft from the wall into the physical realm of the viewer.”

Impressive as it looks, only some connecting travelers will get to see the work up close, as it is installed in the Customs Hallway, Arrivals Level, through mid-February 2017.

So here’s a closer view:


And here’s a link to other art installations at LAX.

Photos courtesy Panic Studio LA


Here’s a fun thing to do at the airport: be an angel.

Westfield, which builds and manages some airport terminals, teamed up with the Global Angel Wings project to paint wings in several airports, including Los Angeles International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

The wings are by renowned street artist Colette Miller, who launched the project in 2012,
and enable travelers to get their photos taken in front of the paintings and then, of course, share the photos around.

Each airport has a social media hashtag and special promotions for those who share their angel photos: #iflyLAX for Los Angeles, #iflyORD for Chicago O’Hare
and #iflyEWR for Newark Liberty.