water show

LaGuardia Airport has a cool new water show

We may be staying home but airports are still rolling out fun services, amenities, and cool attractions.

The latest is a state-of-the-art water feature in New York at LaGuardia Airport Terminal B.

It looks like an upside-down water fountain. But this fountain has a suitcase full of tricks.

The 25-foot-tall installation is designed by the French company Aquatique Show and features two large concentric rings and a 4,000-gallon circulating water system.

There are 450 programmable nozzles on the rings which allow water to fall in patterns or in a curtain onto which shapes, images, and themed shows can be projected with lasers.

LaGuardia Gateway Partners, which manages this new terminal at LGA, has shared these two videos of New York-themed water shows.

One features arts and entertainment in New York; the other celebrates iconic New York sites.

Travelers won’t have to see these same shows over and over; new shows are promised for holidays and to mark special events.

LaGuardia Airport’s new 25-foot-tall water feature is an impressive and welcome addition to the new terminal.

It is a far cry from Singapore Airport’s 7-story tall Rain Vortex, but a wonderful amenity we’d love to see in more airports.