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Edible coffee cups on Air New Zealand

Edible cups on your airplane?  Air New Zealand gives it a try.

Airlines are joining the waste reduction movement with aggressive recycling efforts and sustainability campaigns that include avoiding plastic straws and single-use dining items.

Now Air New Zealand, which currently serves, more than eight million cups of coffee, is running a tasty test: edible coffee cups.

Air New Zealand’s current cups are compostable, but they still end up in landfills.

So, the airline is doing a trial campaign of serving coffee and desserts in vanilla-flavored, leakproof, edible cups made by New Zealand company ‘twiice’.

Customers on the ground and in the air are being served coffee and ice-cream in these edible cups.

Sounds yummy, right?

The ‘twiice’ edible cup trial goes with Air New Zealand’s recent switch to plant-based cups on board all aircraft and in lounges. Those cups, made from paper and corn instead of plastic, can break down in a commercial composter and are expected to keep about 15 million cups from going to landfill annually.