Travel Goods Show

Socks with pockets & see-though luggage.

My story for CNBC this week highlights some of the cool gear and gadgets that will be on display later this week in Las Vegas at the annual industry-only Travel Goods Show.

Carry-on bags and checkable suitcases seem to make up the bulk of the products vendors bring to the show. But there are also oodles of travel accessories on display, and many of those are quite useful and clever.

Here are just a few of the items that caught my eye:

Luggage that weighs itself

If you shop for shoes, clothes or books or liquor when you travel, your suitcase will weigh a lot more on the way home. A new suitcase from GetSet Luggage has a built-in battery-powered scale that weighs the bag as you pack.

See-through luggage

This product is sort of puzzling: tranparent luggage.

At least three companies are planning to display their versions of transparent or translucent luggage at this year’s Travel Goods Show. Traveler’s Choice calls their version The Millennial, so maybe see-through luggage has a generation-specific appeal.

Socks with pockets

My household has a variety of clothing with hidden pockets. These snazzyPocket Socks are getting added to the collection. 

Gear for your Grab ‘n Go

We thought attachments for carry-on bags that let you tote coffee cups were pretty cool, but Hontus Milano Group is bringing out a carry-on bag with a built-in insulated pocket for keeping foods (or medication, cosmetics and other temperature-sensitive items) hot or cold.

There are more items in my full story on CNBC – but these are definitely my favorites. Which of these new travel products would you buy?

More stuff spotted at the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas


I spent two full days this week walking up and down the aisles of the giant Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas.

A few of the fun items soon to be in stores and gift shops – including 3-D rolling bags featuring SpongeBob Squarepants and friends – were posted yesterday here on

Here are a few more:

Among the many new designs from Heys USA is this set of pieces called Divas


And this one called Travel :


The folks at Visionair have several pieces of luggage featuring Felix the Cat:


And these retro tags from Retro Tags are so… retro:

Retro Tags

And, because no trip to Las Vegas is successful without an Elvis sighting, here’s “Zebra Elvis” – spotted while I was in the van on the way to the airport.


Spotted at Las Vegas Travel Goods Show

I spent a long day walking the aisles of the 2013 Travel Goods Show underway this week in Las Vegas. Here are few fun items I encountered along the way.

Flight 001

Everyone travelers needs – and probably has – some power adapters. Flight 001 has created a set that is not only fun to look at but easy to figure out how to use.

Travel Goods_Sponge Bob

Booth after booth is filled with really cool suitcases and travel packs for kids. I got a kick out the 3D roller bags and backpacks from MAXTOYUSA

Travel Goods FLANABAGS

These AirQuart travel bags from Flanabags are not only made in the USA (Massachusetts and South Carolina), they are stylish and see-through, sturdier than those zippered sandwich bags and easier to clean.

Travel Goods_Concealment

Safety is always a big issue for travelers and there are loads of travel bags and accessories designed to improve safety and security for you and your belongings. For those who want to keep their valuables close by, shirts, belly bands, socks, underpants and other products from Travel Safe Products all have concealment pockets that offer a good option.

More fun – and some wacky – travel gear to come…