Souvenir Sunday: travelwear from SUX, SEX, GIG, SIN and PEK

Each Sunday the focus here is on fun and offbeat stuff you can buy when you’re stuck at the airport.

This week, we take a look at some fun and offbeat stuff you can buy and take to the airport.

Air Wear, whose products are found on-line and in a shop at Los Angeles International Airport, has a fun line of travel bags, notebooks, coffee mugs and assorted travel accessories bearing logos for airport city codes around the world.

Right now the catalog includes logo-emblazoned items for airports in more than 130 cities. Included on the list are classics such as JFK, SFO and LAX, but GIG (Rio de Janeiro), MAD (Madrid), PEK (Peking) and SEX (Sembach, Germany) are also on the list.

Surprisingly, there’s nothing on the list from Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City Iowa, where the airport code is SUX. But that airport has its own line of SUX-memorabilia.

Don’t see your favorite airport on the Air Wear list? Don’t worry. For an extra design fee that’s a smidge less than $10 they’ll put the airport code of your choice on any of their stock items.

Curious about how airports get their codes?

Here’s a fun 300-second explanation from our buddy Kevin Maxwell: