Oasis at Philadelphia Int’l Airport


If you can’t actually be where the weather is warm, you can at least strike a warm weather pose in the summer-like lounging spots set up at Philadelphia International Airport.

PHL has set up Adirondack chairs, beach umbrellas and artificial turf at four spots inside the airport: Terminal A-West (by Gate A13), Terminal A-East (by Gate A-1), Terminal D (near Gate D-4) and Terminal E (by Gate E-1).

The lounging areas come courtesy of the New Jersey-based indoor/outdoor park, Sahara Sam’s Oasis and are part of PHL’s winter program called – are you ready: Oh, Say it Ain’t Snow!! Weather the Winter Blues at PHL.

The program includes free popcorn for passengers on Thursday and Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the A-East “oasis” and music, demonstrations and giveaways at all the indoor summer spots at various times. Follow @PHLAirport for updates.

My Miserable Summer

Well, gang, we’ve made it to the mid-point of the summer travel season. For folks who’ve had to scale back or cancel summer plans due to rising gas prices, airline fare hikes, or the deeply dipping dollar, it’s already a miserable summer.

I’ve been there and it stinks. Rising gas prices, and comments such as “Let’s check your temperature, Missy,” have put my planned road trip to the nation’s airports on hold.

But for you glass-half-full folks eyeing the August calendar and still holding out hope for some sort of summer vacation, there’s still time to have fun. You may just need to be more flexible and a bit more creative than usual.

So get out that “souvenir” pen you took home from that last hotel stay. In my Well-Mannered Traveler column today on – part of the “My Miserable Summer” series – there are some tips for salvaging a summer vacation.

(Column illustration by the very talented Duane Hoffman. Thanks!)