Strollers, car seats for rent at Denver Airport

den strollers

Here’s a great amenity for families traveling with small children we’re declaring “airport amenity of the week.”

At Denver International Airport (DEN), there’s now a place to rental strollers, car seats and other kid-stuff you might need for your time in the city.

Vea Kids, in the Jeppesen Terminal near passenger arrivals in the center of the Great Hall, not only rents strollers, kid-carrier backpacks and kid tents, they rent “pack n’ play” sets and sell diapers, pacifiers, bottles, organic snacks, wipes and other kid products.

You can order the gear online and the company offers free pick-up and drop-off in the baggage claim area. Here’s a link to a price list. Hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Friday, and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays.

American Airlines changes rules for gate-checking strollers

On’s Overhead Bin blog, I wrote about the new gate-check rule American Airlines is now enforcing for strollers.



Beginning June 1, 2011, American Airlines is no longer gate-checking certain strollers.

If you show up with a collapsible or umbrella-style stroller under 20 pounds, you’ll still be able to gate-check your stroller. But under the new policy, large, jogging and non-collapsible strollers will have to be checked at the ticket counter.

The good news is that checked strollers will travel fee-free.

“It is simply a matter of many strollers these days being very large and not being collapsible and easily handled at the gate and on the jet bridge,” said an American Airlines’ spokesperson.

United also requires passengers to check big strollers at the ticket counter, but Alaska, Delta, Southwest and several other airlines allow strollers of any kind to be checked at the gate. “We know that traveling with little ones can be a challenge,” said Southwest spokesperson Laurel Moffat. “We want to make that travel experience as easy as possible.”