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Souvenir Sunday: snus at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

There were stories in the news this week about the Department of Transportation (DOT) clarifying whether or not the ban on smoking on airplanes extends to smokeless electronic cigarettes.

It does.

And according to this story, to make sure there are no ifs, ands or, yes butts about it, this spring the DOT  will issue an official ban on the use of those electronic devices on airplanes.

The story reminded me of another alternative nicotine-delivery-system I saw in mass quantities at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport: snus.

Snusidor arlanda

In 2009, Arlanda opened a duty-and tax-free store featuring the world’s first “snusidor,” which stocks and displays dozens of different brands and flavors of snus, which is a traditional Swedish smokeless tobacco that, unlike American-style chewing tobacco, doesn’t involve a lot of spitting.

I can’t tell for sure if I’ve ever sat next to a snus user, but I do know that snus is a truly popular Swedish souvenir.

arlanda sunus

snus at arlanda